Race Results - July 2017

Summer Shakespear 10k

Saturday 29th July


This was the last ever running of this series of Raceways events, held at the Shakespeare County Raceway. A half marathon, 10k and 5k are on offer, all run on closed tarmac and as flat as the proverbial pancake! Anwen was the only Harrier to head over there. She took on the 10k.



47:59  Anwen Greenaway


Full results can be found here.

Beatrix Potter Challenge

Sunday 23rd July

Anwen and Bethan decided to supplement their marathon training with a trip to the multi-lap Beatrix Potter Challenge in Northampton. Each lap is just over 4 miles, so they completed 4 laps to total 16.4 miles each. The resuling medal was enormous! Proper bling!


16.4 miles

2:57:53  Anwen Greenaway

2:57:53  Bethan Greenaway


Full results can be found here.

Hornton Classic 6

Saturday 15th July


Bethan and Royston were the only Harriers to take on this years local Horton 6 race, hosted by Cherwell Runners & Joggers. This is an undulating 6 mile race starting and finishing in Hornton, just North West of Banbury. The race is on the club championships list, and is also part of the Oxfordshire Grand Prix series.


42:15  Royston Williams

59:05  Bethan Greenaway


Full results can be found here.

Adderbury 3 Spires Challenge

Sunday 9th July


Adderbury running club host 3 races and a walk starting in Adderbury each year. They offer a 5k, 10k and half marathon, and a half marathon walk as well. On a VERY hot day (as always seems to be the case for this race), a few Harriers turned up to take on either the 10k or the half marathon. These are tough multi-terrain races, but offer fantastic views and scenery. Well done to everyone who took part this year. It was especially difficult in the hot sun.


10k (Full results can be found here)

1:09:45  Rachel Bannister


Half Marathon (Full results can be found here)

1:37:25  David Bannister

1:44:57  Simon Woolley

1:56:19  John Critchfield

WSR Chase Half Marathon

Sunday 9th July

After the Cide Frolic on the Saturday, Lisa & Simon Preston and Lisa Moulder headed down to join the gang and to take on the Chase Half Marathon. They were met with another blisteringly hot day, and started and completed the race together. Happy Harriers!


3:46:18  Lisa Preston

3:46:18  Simon Preston

3:46:19  Lisa Moulder


Full results can be found here.

WSR Cider Frolic

Saturday 8th July

Hook Norton Harriers have a habit of heading down to Dorset to take part in White Star Running events, and this weekend was no different! Our band of runners entered the Cider Frolic which is a 12 hour relay race at the home of Cranborne Chase Cider which can be done as solos, pairs or teams of 3 or 4 runners. Two teams of 4 runners were entered, booze was drunk (by most!), running was done and much fun was had. Hopefully they didn't disgrace themselves too much!!


The teams were named Dirty Hookers and DIRTY HUKAZ (see what they did there!).


Dirty Hookers

Lap 1 - Sandra Heryet - 0:46:36
Lap 2 - Bethan Greenaway - 0:43:28
Lap 3 - Hannah Rogan - 0:32:47
Lap 4 - Dan Harvey - 0:39:38
Lap 5 - Sandra Heryet - 0:57:10
Lap 6 - Bethan Greenaway - 0:44:03
Lap 7 - Hannah Rogan - 0:38:20
Lap 8 - Dan Harvey - 0:41:24
Lap 9 - Sandra Heryet - 1:17:13
Lap 10 - Bethan Greenaway - 0:45:28
Lap 11 - Hannah Rogan - 1:09:43
Lap 12 - Sandra Heryet - 1:06:28
Lap 13 - Bethan Greenaway - 0:48:18
Lap 14 - Hannah Rogan - 0:49:34



Lap 1 - Jessica Hickmn-Woolcott - 0:46:39
Lap 2 - Anwen Greenaway - 0:43:28
Lap 3 - Nik Vargiv - 0:29:24
Lap 4 - Donna Allen - 0:33:38
Lap 5 - Jessica Hickmn-Woolcott - 1:06:33
Lap 6 - Anwen Greenaway - 0:33:15
Lap 7 - Donna Allen - 0:49:09
Lap 8 - Nik Vargiv - 0:41:24
Lap 9 - Jessica Hickmn-Woolcott - 1:17:13
Lap 10 - Anwen Greenaway - 0:35:21
Lap 11 - Donna Allen - 1:19:50
Lap 12 - Jessica Hickmn-Woolcott - 1:06:26
Lap 13 - Anwen Greenaway - 0:48:20
Lap 14 - Donna Allen - 0:49:34


Full results can be found here.

Draycote Water 7 at 7 (7km)

Friday 7th July


The race organiser running company put on two races at Draycote Water reservoir in Warwickshire each year on July 7th (whichever day that falls on). Each race is 7km around the reservoir, one at 7am and one at 7pm. This year a good contingency from Hooky Harriers went along to the 7pm race. Congratulations go to David on finishing 3rd overall and 2nd in category. He won 6 pairs of socks!! Not often you get to say that!!


26:39  David Bannister (3rd place)

30:03  Martyn Banham

33:37  Jase Relton

46:05  Rachel Bannister

46:51  Cheri Haden

47:09  Stuart Haden

55:28  Sera Relton

55:33  Julian Relton

58:18  Claire Upton


Full results can be found here.

Womens Running Series - Milton Keynes 10k

Sunday 2nd July


Claire Upton went over to Milton Keynes to take part in the Womens Runing Series. They offer two women only races, a 10k and a 5k. Claire took on the 10k, and despite the warm weather she had a great run. Well done Claire!



1:25:20  Claire Upton


Full results can be found here.


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