Mota-vation Series 2017

The Mota-vation series is hosted by Kidlington Running Club and consists of 5 races in various locations, each roughly 4 miles long. It's a really fun team event and is well supported by local running clubs. 


Full details can be found here.

RACE 1 - Charlton-on-Otmoor

Thursday 27th April


Despite a few members being unable to make the first race in the Mota-vatio series this year we still had an impressive 20 runners in attendence along with Sera and Rob who offered to marshal and Claire who came to support and take some photos. It was a great evening, not just for the racing, which was tough and impressive in a very competitive field, but also for the pub visit afterwards in the village! 


Over 400 runners competed in this first race. Congratulations on yet another excellent start to the series for Donna, finishing as 2nd lady overall and 1st senior lady.



24:39  David Bannister

25:22  Tom Foottit

26:51  Darren Cox

26:56  Royston Williams

27:09  Martin Foster

27:36  Malcom Brown

27:38  Martyn Banham

30:13  Paul Taylor 

30:14  Paul Lambert

32:50  David Bunney

33:52  Julian Relton



25:15  Donna Allen

34:29  Kathryn Payne

35:43  Kate Roseblade

36:28  Lisa Preston

37:11  Rachel Bannister

37:44  Sandra Heryet

38:03  Jane Millward

41:47  Victoria Bartholomew

43:00  Lisa Moulder


Full results can be found here.

RACE 2 - Bletchingdon

Thursday 25th May

There are a few missing from this. They'd probably gone to the pub!

Another good turnout from the Harriers at Bletchingdon. It was a very very warm evening, so plenty of fluids were required (especially after the race in the pub!), but even so 20 Harriers came along to run, and again Sera, Rob and Claire came to provide marshal services, cheering and photography! Huge thanks to them. It is very much appreciated.


Another strong field saw 360 finishers. We had three ladies teams, and sadly missed out on a second mens team being one runner short. The uphill finish combined with the heat made life difficult, but fantastic running again from all the Harriers. Congratulations (as always!) to Donna for finishing as second lady and first in age group!


Please note that we have used gun times below as these are used in the positions and team standings for the series.



26:08  David Bannister

28:25  Andrew Morris

29:12  Royston Williams

29:16  Martin Foster

30:37  Malcolm Brown

31:11  Martyn Banham

32:15  Paul Taylor

34:10  Simon Preston

34:27  David Bunney

37:36  Julian relton

37:51  Graeme Hackland



27:07  Donna Allen

31:32  Sam Rees

32:43  Anwen Greenaway (aka Bethan!)

33:38  Susie Morgan

40:23  Rachel Bannister

41:55  Carol Meredith

42:14  Lisa Preston

45:15  Lisa Moulder

45:15  Sandra Heryet


Full results can be found here.

RACE 3 - Combe I

Thursday 29th June

Another fantastic turnout from the Harriers at the third race in the series. This evening was the first (of two) races in Combe. 23 Harriers arrived to run, along with Claire and Rob who kindly agreed to provide the marshal roles required. Both Combe races have their share of hills, so much kudos to all the Harriers for tackling this one. Notable performances include both Donna Allen and Sam Rees finishing 3rd in their categories. It was also really nice to see 4 full ladies teams in the results. We were just one man short of a second team for the men. Next time fella's!!


After the race it was all back to the Cock Inn on the green in Combe for a well earned drink (and food in some cases!!). Great night everyone, well done!



23:30  David Bannister

24:33  Tom Foottit

26:12  Royston Williams

27:03  Martyn Banham

28:07  Paul Taylor

28:28  Simon Preston

29:59  Huw Williams

30:30  David Bunney

30:42  Jase Relton

32:16  Julian Relton

34:08  Graeme Hackland



24:42  Donna Allen

28:07  Sam Rees

29:14  Anwen Greenaway

29:34  Susie Morgan

33:38  Kate Roseblade

34:03  Lisa Preston

34:08  Bethan Greenaway

35:32  Rachel Bannister

35:52  Carol Meredith

36:29  Sandra Heryet

40:06  Victoria Bartholomew

40:15  Lisa Moulder


Full results can be found here.

RACE 4 - Combe II

Thursday 27th July


Another excellent Harriers turnout arrived in Combe for the second race in the series in the village. This is the one with the b*****d hill, which you have to cope with not once, but twice on the two lap course. It looked like overall numbers were down a little, but it's the start of the school holidays so not entirely surprising.


Some great running from the Harriers as always, and again Donna was leading the way finishing as third lady.


It wouldn't have been a mota-vation night without a post-race trip to the pub. Again we descended on The Cock Inn in Combe and ate all the food and drank all the beer! It was good to see a large complement of Hooky Bears at the pub too!



26:28  David Bannister

26:40  Tom Footitt

29:12  Royston Williams

29:35  Martyn Banham

30:26  Danny Phillips

31:23  Simon Preston

31:49  Paul Taylor

32:48  Huw Williams

34:00 Jase Relton

34:24  David Bunny

35:13  Julian Relton

41:02  Graeme Hackland



27:24  Donna Allen

31:33  Sam Rees

32:55  Anwen Greenaway

34:09  Susie Morgan

37:28  Kate Roseblade

39:10  Rachel Bannister

39:43  Bethan Greenaway

44:55  Lisa Moulder


Full results can be found here.

RACE 5 - Oxford

Thursday 31st August

The final race in the 2017 Mota-Vation series hosted by Kidlington Road Runners has been run. It was another good turnout from the Harriers, made all the better for another post-run trip to the pub after the race! This time it was the Victoria Arms by the river. A fantastic evening, highlighted with some fantastic running. Congratulations to Donna who was confirmed as the winner of the senior ladies prize this year. Other results (teams and other categories) are still being finalised. 


Until next year! :o)



24:11  David Bannister

24:32  Tom Footitt

26:27  Danny Philips

26:34  Martyn Banham

28:01  Paul Taylor

29:00  Simon Preston

29:49  Huw Williams

31:34  Julian Relton

34:09  Graeme Hackland



25:24  Donna Allen

29:19  Anwen Greenaway

35:03  Susie Morgan

35:09  Bethan Greenaway

35:18  Lisa Preston

35:50  Rachel Bannister

39:29  Victoria Bartholomew

42:25  Lisa Moulder


Full results can be found here.


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