Mota-vation Series 2018

The Mota-vation series is hosted by Kidlington Running Club and consists of 5 races in various locations, each roughly 4 miles long. It's a really fun team event and is well supported by local running clubs. 


Full details can be found here.

RACE 5 - Oxford

The fifth and final race in the Motavation series:


Congratulations to Donna who finished 1st Senior Lady!



25:47  Donna Allen

29:22  Anwen Greenaway

32:54  Bethan Greenaway

34:35  Suzie Field

37:14  Rachel Bannister

38:11  Jane Fletcher

41:26  Joanne Hambidge

43:02  Lisa Moulder

50:11  Claire Upton



24:16  David Bannister

25:24  Martyn Banham

26:16  Royston Williams

27:32  Jon Ellard

30:00  Huw Williams

30:52  David Bunney

31:19  Malcolm Brown

32:18  Julian Relton

34:34  Robert Madge-Miall



Full results can be found HERE

The fourth race in the Motavation series:



27:20  Darren Nash

27:59  Martyn Banham

28:51  Royston Williams

29:12  David Bannister

31:17  Jon Ellard

31:35  Paul Taylor

31:41  Ian Malcolm

32:54  Huw Williams

37:04  David Bunney

37:16  Julian Relton

38:30  Robert Madge-Miall



29:08  Donna Allen

32:07  Sam Rees

34:21  Anwen Greenaway

37:29  Bethan Greenaway

47:47  Lisa Moulder


Full results can be found HERE

RACE 3 - Combe

The third race in the Motavation series was on a very hot night, the Cock Inn was very busy afterwards!!:



25:27  Martyn Banham

25:36  Darren Nash

25:46  Martin Foster

26:07  Royston Williams

28:34  Jon Ellard

29:00  Huw Williams

29:00  Paul Taylor

29:48  Paul Lambert

31:49  Julian Relton

33:18  David Bunney

36:08  Robert Madge-Miall



26:23  Donna Allen

29:15  Sam Rees

29:46  Anwen Greenaway

33:46  Bethan Greenaway

37:00  Lisa Preston

37:04  Jane Fletcher

38:21  Sandra Heryet

42:03  Jo Hambidge

44:47  Lisa Moulder

48:57  Claire Upton


Full results can be found Here

RACE 2 - Bletchingdon

Thursday 31st May

The second race in the Motavation series was on a muggy night:



28:14  Martin Foster

28:29  Darren Nash

28:22  Royston Williams

28:36  Martyn Banham

30:04  Jon Ellard

31:43  Huw Williams

32:36  Malcolm Brown

32:44  Paul Taylor

36:20  Julian Relton

38:20  David Bannister

38:35  Robert Madge-Miall



29:12  Donna Allen

31:47  Sam Rees

32:22  Anwen Greenaway

36:46  Bethan Greenaway

39:54  Lisa Preston

40:46  Rachel Bannister

40:56  Kate Roseblade

54:52  Claire Upton


Full results can be found Here

RACE 1 - Charlton-on-Otmoor

Thursday 26th April

We have 30 Harriers signed up to run in the mota-vation series this year, and despite one or two glitches we had a good turn out at the first race. Unfortunately an accident on the course meant not all Harriers could run, and also meant for a change of race plan by the organisers. The course was modified to a two lap 5 miles race (instead of the usual 4), so well done to everyone for stepping up to the extra mile!


Congratulations to Donna for finishing 3rd senior lady (despite recovering from injury and a distinct lack of training!)



32:16  David Bannister

33:46  Darren Nash

35:29  Martyn Banham

35:59  Paul Taylor

37:49  Jon Ellard

39:36  Huw Williams

40:21  Malcolm Brown

41:29  Julian Relton

45:41  Rob Madge-Miall

46:28  Bryan Walford



34:41  Donna Allen

38:33  Sam Rees

39:59  Suzie Field

46:04  Lisa Preston

47:03  Rachel Bannister

47:56  Kate Roseblade

48:28  Jane Fletcher

54:07  Jo Hambidge

55:23  Lisa Moulder


Full results can be found here.

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